Cubase 9.5 crossgrade activation

Recently bought Cubase 9.5 as a crossgrade. Its been like two weeks still cannot activate it. Customer service sent me email telling me how important I am. But nothing after. Why when I got Mixcraft 8 crossgrade I started to work immediately with software?
Regret vying Cubase million times. Poor customer service neglecting customers.

For anyone to be able to help you, we’ll need to know what’s getting in the way of the activation process. Your post provides no info on that. Are you getting some kind of error message?

The shop page warns you that Cubase Pro and Cubase Artist require an USB eLicenser. Do you have one?

It just says there is no license to download, however I got activation #. USB eLicenser is for storing activated licenses on it instead of keeping them online, isn’t it? So you can use them when you offline I believe. Anyway Cubase support did not responded, just sending automated messages.

Yes, you don’t have to be online to use Cubase, but the license activation must be done online so your license can be downloaded to your USB-eLicenser. You can do this using any computer with an internet connection and the eLicenser Control Center installed.

…and have you put this activation code into the eLicenser software with the USB eLicenser plugged in to the computer?

All fixed. Thank you all. Does anyone know how to set up Behringer X Touch in Cubase?

Please start a new thread for this.