Cubase 9.5 doesn't initiate at all

Hi Guys… I’m From México.
I Update my Cubase 9.5 in Windows 10 (1703) and it opens but always crashes on every creating or opening projects.
Then I update Windows 10 (1709) because it suppose to work fine but now Cubase 9.5 does anything… I do double click in the Icon but simply it does nothing.

What is happening with this release? there are a lot of users with many issues about crashing.

Hi and welcome,

Is a crashdump file created (Documents/Steinberg/crashdumps)?

Do you use NVIDIA Graphics card or a graphics chipset? If yes, search the forum (or Steinberg Knowledgebase articles) for a solution, please.

Could you let me know which graphics card(s) you use on your system and the driver versions displayed in the device manager? Is it a combination of nVidia and Intel maybe?