Cubase 9.5 drum track issue

Hello all, I’ve been using Cubase 9.5 for a few months now and have been using it to record regularly, Id say I’m an amateur and other than the recording aspect I’m not familiar with a lot of the features but i am getting there. However I’ve ran into a problem, whenever i open a drum track and create a midi track, the grid is stuck like this (attached photo) and it will not change back no matter what i do, I’ve tried resetting it all but it stays the same. now i did go back to some recent recordings i have done to see if i could compare and see where i may have went wrong but all of those have been changed to this also, to put it in terms i understand im basically getting 5 blocks per bar and its making it so i cannot write drums that fit into 4/4. i have changed the time sig back and forth but it isnt that, im finding the midi track is not matching up with the 4/4 metronome. if anyone could give me some pointers on how to fix this then that would be great, thanks!

Hi and welcome,

Do I understand you right, you expect the Drum Editor, instead of Key Editor?

You can either open it manually, or the Drum editor opens automatically when any Drum Map is assigned on the track. Make sure your preferences is enabled: Editors > Use Drum Editor when Drum Map is assigned.

You’ve got your ruler set to ‘seconds’ instead of ‘bars+beats’. Right+click on the ruler to change.