Cubase 9.5 Element playback's working, recording is not

I’m using scarlett solo for my audio interface

I’ve plugged in the guitar on the input and a headphone on the output

I can hear my own guitar playing even the amp simulator is working

But when I try to record (I already pressed record on audio) the track shows only a straight line, and no sound comes out when I play that track without my guitar playing

I think I’ve searched for this topic for the past hour, and I found one similar question to mine except he ended not having a solution to this problem

Also my system is Window 10, i5-7700k, and I have installed this into an M.2 Samsung Evo 960 (an PCIe-NVMe SSD)

(I also think the presets are not making any sounds either)

I’ve actually solved this issue, if you can call it an issue haha

I’m not sure about the straight line, but the sounds will come out when you play the track ONLY after you turn off the recording and the monitoring button

Since the sound comes out, I don’t think the recordings being a straight line is that big of a deal

I think people new like me can have some frustrations regarding this, so I hope others can benefit from this

P.S. I also fixed the preset problem, the library was not loaded because I installed the software on a different hard disk
You can browse the search directory manually on Groove SE, so that won’t be much of a problem
Sonic SE is a little bit more complex I think (if I didn’t miss out anything), you have to change the path indicated in I think “VST Sound User Content” in the ContentManager.xml file located at C:\Users<username>\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\HALion Sonic SE_64 to wherever your VST Sound files actually are

I think the developers assumed that you install everything in the main drive, but unfortunately for people like me who likes to install software on a separate drive, some things don’t work automatically and I hope the devs fix it soon