Cubase 9.5 elements - "Click" field missing, no metronome


Im a relative newbie. Ive just grabbed elements and now cant find the “click” field that used to appear in Audio Connections. I cant for the life of me get a squeak from the metronome

Im using a Zoom R8 as my interface, has that anything to do with it ?

Any ideas please >?

Hi and welcome,

Everything around Metronome, you can find in the Metronome Setup. In the General tab, you can enable Audio or MIDI Click. If you have multiple Output busses in the Audio Connections > Outputs, you can define, which output is used for the Metronome in the Metronome Setup > General. This option was previously available in the VST Connections > Output.

Don’t forget to enable metronome (by using C key command).