Cubase 9.5 + ESI U86XT

Hello I’m a new user Matteo. I am writing my problem here because maybe it happens to others. My interface is ESI U86XT, with updated drivers. Unfortunately I can’t solve the management of the in and out. Why put a knob that controls inputs 1 to 8 all together? and out 1 to 6 all together? I can’t handle monophonic signals on the main out of my daw (cubase 9.5) I only happen with this audio interface. Do I need DirectWire to manage the signals inside my daw? I can’t understand … I have to send my mono bass to an external mono equalizer, but the return signal remains stereo and with a lot of latency, what should I do? Do you think changing audio interface by taking the Steinberg U816C solves my problem? Thanks to all :slightly_smiling_face:

My problem is the following: Routing Out 5L audio interface set to mono, I enter with the signal to my hardware MONO equalizer, I exit the equalizer, I enter the IN 5L in the audio interface set to mono. When I apply the effect, the headphone return works, you can hear the sound processed in real time. On the other hand, when I listen to the monitors connected to the 1L / 2R outputs of the audio interface, two signals are heard … one in the center and the other on the left. Because ? Do I have to do something in DirectWire? Do the Outs on the audio interface always reproduce the sends to external effects? I don’t understand why it’s so complicated, I ask for assistance.

I solved. The problem is that I have to connect the monitors on outputs 1/2 and not on the MIX OUT, otherwise a copy of the signal is created. A shame, however, to occupy two independent outputs like this. I recommend creating an independent MAIN OUT for the monitors and leaving outputs 1 to 6 free for other purposes. A greeting