Cubase 9.5 failed to activate


I recently reinstalled my os and everything on my imac, the big issue was when reinstalling cubase 9.5 pro, it wasn’t showing on my account. I checked my email found the receipt, it was indeed made on my friends email, I asked my friend to help me, we both accessed his account and it wasn’t showing on that account either and on the receipt his email appeared.

So we made a ticket to steinberg a few days ago and await a response, but in the meantime we have projects to finish we can’t just sit and wait, so I tried to get the cubase 9.5 trial 30 days I assume that should be enough for steinberg to assist us on the matter, however the email with the download and activation key never came when registering for the trial.

This is a bit concerning, I need to finish my projects, we have deadlines. Right now I have just the old cubase 8 and my projects won’t play as they were since I have more insert effects and new features I used which 8 doesn’t have. Does anyone know if there is anything else I can do to fix this? Or if this any other way to get the trial code?

If any Steinberg official needs more info/receipt etc in order to prove what I just said, please email me on, I will also try to keep an eye on this thread. I understand you are busy, but at least give me the 30 days until you manage to figure things out. I have everything, to prove what I said, receipt, account, email.

Thank you, I appreciate your interest on this matter.

All you need to be able to run Cubase Pro is a USB key with the right license on it.

As far as installation, you can simply download the software using the Steinberg Download Assistant, which is available on the website at

Thank you so much, I did not know this existed. I just checked and I have the 9.5 license on my stick. I’m just waiting for it to finish the download and it should work, amazing you just fixed all my problems.