Cubase 9.5 fails in autosave sometimes, solved in 10?

Cubase 9.5 fails in autosave sometimes :smiling_imp: , I mean a lot of times! is this solved in 10?

Actually it’s more likely a not so well implemented feature. Cubase will not autosave as long as playback is running.

This means - even if you have set Cubase to autosave every 1 minute - if you leave it playing for 30 minutes it won’t autosave until you stop playback.

I guess it made sense at some point when computers weren’t that powerfull. These days is a real bad idea and Steinberg should change this.

Knowing this I have developed a habit of having save all the time. So autosave for me is the last resort when something goes wrong.

:confused: sad…

I suspect the reason Cubase can do a regular Save during playback but not an Auto Save is that the Auto Save requires the creation of a new file with all the OS disk I/O overhead that adds, while a regular Save doesn’t have that additional overhead.