Cubase 9.5 , FF 800, WL 9.5 Loopback Problem

Im using on one computer Cubase 9.5.10 , WaveLab 9.5.20 with RME Fireface 800. Im using Loopback function on Fireface 800 for real time analyzing Cubase output to External Audio input in WaveLab.
The Problem is : When I activate anything on Cubase , WaveLab Analyzing freezes and I must Reactivate “Audio Input” in Analyze Tab in WaveLab to unfreeze.

The same configuration , but with Cubase 9.0.40 ,WaveLab 9.5.20 with RME Fireface 800 ,everything is working as expected.

So the problem is in Cubase 9.5.10.

Dear Steinberg , please can You fix this in the next update in Cubase ?