Cubase 9.5 first impressions

Just installed the 9.5 windows update from 9.

No problems at first sight, studio setup (remotes, souncard, controlroom etc…) automatically copied from older version…
jBridge 1.75 beta (Disabled the “run as admin” warning for better compatibility with Cubase 9)
working fine for 32 bit plugins, no crash at shutdown, Cubase starts up fast and snappy.

So thumbs up for first impression here.

There are always people wondering if the update will overwrite older versions:
nope, 9.5 installs in it’s own folder, side by side to all your older versions:
C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 9.5

64 bit mode (in studio>studio setup>VST Audio System, a new menu structure replacing the “devices” tab) also runs fine on first sight.

  • 16 inserts

  • Bézier curves in automation

  • Adapt to Zoom

IMO 3 HUUUGE updates…that many, I mean MANY People were asking for some of them.

Updated Metronome and extra tabs on the right section…meh… I’m sure there are some that would be really excited about that but not really a workflow killer for me but progress is better than nothing so good!

I would like to know more about this 64bit Mixing environment? Does that mean we were actually mixing 32bit previously?

It means internal processing is done in 64-bit floating point instead of 32-bit floating point. For the record, it has nothing to do with 32-bit (memory addressing) plugins.

32-bit floating point:
64-bit floating point:

Thx…I do realize that and he also mentions it in the video… I was just wondering other than accuracy what sonic benefits does this achieve… if any.
Thx for the linx
Maybe my Q should have been more precise :wink:

Double Precision 64bit Internal Processing -
“All VST3 plugins that support 64bit processing will automatically be Processed in 64bit”

great update but I do not understand why the drag & drop function of VSTi only concerns Steinberg plugins!

The automation editing a la Pro Tools/Studio One/etc. is so very welcome. Now they just need to add a little pop-up value so you can see exactly how much you’re adjusting it, like Pro Tools and some other DAWs – it’s totally essential for detailed mixing work. But I’m very happy that at least the general feature has finally made it!

Bezier curves in automation is fantastic (we just need it in the MIDI editors too!). Adapt to Zoom is great. Dragging MIDI to Sampler Track is great (I wish we could do that to an audio track!), and other improvements are fantastic. This makes me more comfortable staying with Cubase now, and I hope we can expect such great refinements and improvements to keep coming.

The C9.5 update passed here and no changes that did get bad. Plugins 32 and 64 all working, no timing issues and latency problems. Timing of midi is still ok.

Yes please.! So cool and useful in StudioOne:-
S1 - trim auto ToolTips 2.gif
When you start to adjust, current data displayed in the ToolTip is replaced - new value on left, amount of change you’re making on right (in brackets).!

Also noticed, when using this feature in C9.5, up and down movement of the mouse is always scaling the values depending on the amount of movement. Which is kind of ok, but makes for awkward detailed adjustments. In S1, the movement is linear and comfortably predictable - no matter what the height of the track is (vertical expansion). In C9.5 the higher the track expansion, the more wild the ‘scaling’ movement becomes.

Could it be an option.?