Cubase 9.5 Full for trial failed to download

I’m trying to download Cubase 9.5 for trialing it thru Steinberg Download assistant. I tried several times but the moment it gets to 9.90GB it says Failed. I tried to resume and still the same error. I tried to erase file and do it again and it always stops at 9.90GB. Please help. Thanks,


Could it be your internet provider stops it? Or Firewall, or…?

If I it is caused by firewall or provider, then it would not allow to download it at all. However this would not resume the download. it is weird. I tried Cubase Artist, Cubase Pro and exactly the same problem 9.90GB it gives me pop message that error occured and try again later. It is very frustrating.


Sorry I’m not an expert in this area. I was just thinking, the provider doesn’t allow more then 10 GB files or something like this.

Cubase Pro and Artist is the very same one installer.