Cubase 9.5 gets stuck after click on a loop

After setting up Cubase 9.5 Pro, the problem has been going on after a couple of days:
As soon as I click on a loop (no matter which one) in the right zone or Media Bay, Cubase gets stuck, the cursor changes wildly between waiting and pointing, blue circle and white arrow.
No chance to finish Cubase normally, only with the Task Manager.

Does any of you have any idea how I can manage this issue without deleting the \AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase 9.5_64> folder with all the settings?

Thanks a lot.

Windows 10 64 Pro, creators update
64 GB
8 core, 16 threads
RME Fireface UCX

Have the same issue and have to quit by the task manager, have you found any solution ? never had any problems in 9 pro with media bay.

Just a suggestion, as I don’t know if this is the issue or not. Make sure the preference for “only browse for media while media bay is open” is turned off…
Open Cubase
Open the Media
Go watch a couple of movies, long ones if possible.
Or just leave it that way overnight.

Go into mediabay and open the left hand panel so you can see the drives it is scanning. Make sure it isn’t looking at any of your system folders.

See if that clears it up.

Thanks, will try over night.

I meant to say, but forgot to write. What is potentially going on in a few of these mediabay specific problems is that your computer it basically trying to rebuild the mediabay since the upgrade, but hasn’t had long enough to get it done. The other issue I’ve seen is where people accidently add their entire OS drive to the scan process … bad things happen when you do that.

Ah, well i had it over night and still working. but to be sure i did clear all maps and folders and just added a couple of dedicated sample folder i use.
its just over 200gb of data in there.
Icant imagen this has taken this long ever, and i have used cubase for many years :slight_smile: sure the library grows a bit every year.

Lucky 9 pro still works so i can still make Music .