Cubase 9.5 grid lines


How do I change the color/colour of the bar grid lines in Cubase 9.5 ?

As you zoom in the lines get greyer, which is fine, but the brighter, more white bar lines are causing me severe, painful eye strain and afterimage.

How do I make the per-bar grid lines darker or change their colour?


Files --> Preferences --> Custom Colors --> Project Area Background.

I’m not in the studio at the moment, but that does that allow to change the bar grid lines color, as opposed to the background color?

Yes it does.

How do I change the bar grid lines to be brighter than the smaller divisions (or the small divisions darker) ?

You don’t, you can only set the color. The divisions are thinner so seem brighter. But there is not a separate color for Beat vs Bar lines

This is a big problem for me as it’s causing me really bad eyestrain and after images. Never had it with previous versions but I keep getting it consistently with 9.5.

I will probably have to revert back to 9, which is very annoying. :angry: :frowning:

So frustrating this.

Its definitely causing eye strain… is there a way to sort this out to make it similar to version 9.0?