Cubase 9.5 Hardware rack and access to UR824 routing missing

I’ve just upgraded to Cubase 9.5 from 9 and I can’t see the hardware rack (it is not listed in the rack pulldown), and under Studio there is no access to my hardware (UR824) control panel. I’m trying to setup the headphone routing for control room and I can;t find it anywhere. Have tried Google but nothing.

Am I missing something simple?

Try turning off the UR824 and turning it back on again.

Similar issue here.
In the older versions “Audio Hardware Setup” was the first choice under the “Devices” menu. The devices menu has now been changed to the “Studio” menu and the “Audio Hardware Setup” item is gone.

I am however able to access the “Hardware” rack though. Make sure you have “Input” channels selected on the “Filter Channel Types” of the “Configuration” you are using on the mixer.

Turning on input channel visibility in the rack fixed it, knew I was missing something simple!