Cubase 9.5 Import Video-Invalid or not supported File!

Hi Guys, i need some help please.

I am trying uploading a video file in Cubase 9.5 and nothing works. I try changing the formats from mp4 to avi to anything and none of them work.
I have Cubase version 9.5.10, i have the latest QuickTime version 7.7.9. All the videos where working in Cubase 9. After updating to 9.5 nothing works. Also they do play in QuickTime, no problem there. Am i missing something that i did in Cubase 9 and i forgot? If you had the same experience can you please let me know what did you do to fix it?
Thank You!

My system conf:

OP System: Windows 10 Pro (64)
CPU: Intel Core i7-7700K
Memory: RAM 32.0 GB
Graphic Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080
Motherboard: ASROck Z270 Killer SLI

How many fps is the video file that you are importing?

This is really annoying. I’m trying to import a normal H264 file that plays fine everywhere else, and when I click import in Cubase, nothing happens…no error message, zilch. Why should the program do less after an update than before? If you have to always convert files before importing, that’s just adding an extra unnecessary step.

Same thing here! Cubase Elements 9.5.21. Please help!

Guys – Cubase 9.5 has a new video engine (actually, as of 9.0.30), the old Quicktime-based engine is DEAD an GONE. It’s best for security reasons to uninstall Quicktime from Windows BTW. Many threads discuss this.

The NEW Cubase video engine does NOT support all the same codecs and files as before, so you are likely running into something like that. It does support H264, but it needs to be in the correct container.

Personally, I’ve run into several issues as well: the performance is not as good as before, some old features are of course missing, and some old files don’t load correctly. However, after working through the codec and file issues, you’ll find that it is at least stable, and promised improvements are supposedly on the way.

The whole reason why they gave us a new video engine is because Apple stopped patching Quicktime, and it became a security risk. So virtually every other DAW has had to go through something similar in replacing any Quicktime-dependent engine components, one way or another. So Cubase just got a new engine as of 9.0.30 after a long time in development, and they have promised to bring back the missing features in the future, and eventually add new functionality. For now, it’s now a fully Steinberg engine, and you do NOT need Quicktime on your computer… and in fact, you have a security vulnerability if you leave it on there.