Cubase 9.5 in Windows Mixed Reality

Cubase 9.5 runs fine as a desktop app in Windows Mixed Reality. (the video player has issues. but it has issues in The Real too.)

It’s cool to have your project window as the entire wall of a big room. Microsoft has translated the mouse controls to the VR controllers pretty well. For mixing, you could do everything with virtual laser pointers. For editing, I prefer to use a rollerball and pc keyboard on a tray on my lap, and a CC121 on a pedestal to my left. I’m going to have reprogram some key controls to make them easier to find by feel.

The benefit is
(1) I can sit well back from the monitors and get a big stereo image.
(2) more onscreen real-estate. I’m hoping to have my mixconsole and plugin windows all around me in 3D virtual space. haven’t figured out how to do that yet but pretty confident it’s possible.

Resolution-wise, VR is not so different to my four real monitors. Because I’m sat so far back from them, for mixing, that i have to set font size etc to XL to keep text readable.

I can see Windows Mixed Reality might be cool for a travelling Cubase user, who can simulate a multi-monitor setup with just a laptop and a headset. My headset (samsung HMD Odyssey) has built-in AKG-branded cheapo headphones which are fine for editing. And you can swing them out of the way to wear your Pro headphones, or hear monitors, if you wish.

I think the usual VR demos and games are interesting. But offering a new control environment for creative work is more interesting. And audio production is a prime candidate. Cubase already offers abstracted virtual versions of a studio, with simulated knobs, faders and more abstract control surfaces. The timeline itself is a conceptual abstraction. And VR/3D is a great opportunity to extend that.

Has anyone else tried Cubase in WIndows Mixed Reality yet, and what did you discover?