Cubase 9.5: Input/Output Channels Folder

In Cubase 9.5, a folder named “Input/Output Channels” is always created in the project window and it always contains the main output bus despite the fact that there is no automation assigned on that bus. This folder automatically shows up for newly created projects as well as for the older projects originated in Cubase 9. Even if I delete that folder, it appears again upon reopening the project.

Are you also experiencing this? Is this intended behaviour?

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Yes I am, when creating a new EMPTY project (found under More tab in Hub)
and working on old ones.

Yes it is intended!
One of the promo vids on Cubase channel on Youtube introduced and explained this new behavior.

If its intended behaviour its a PITA.

What complications are you experiencing as a result of the folder being there?

It’s intended.

Definitely experiencing this and on top of that, even if I hide those tracks/the folder, the next time I open the same project, it shows up again!

How and why on earth would this be intended?! OMG!

Personally I like it. The old procedure for making the stereo out visible for applying automation was a bit counterintuitive. I guess that’s why they’ve changed it.

There may be good reasons why they changed it. My question is not that. My question is why would they give us an option of hiding it and not be able to recall ‘the hiding’ when I save as such and open the very project next time?

Anyway, thank you for your insights.

Good to have when you want to see it. Personally, I’d like to determine myself when to display what. Needs improvement.

Exactly! Okay, let the I/O folder appear automatically in newly created projects. Nevertheless, when I delete it then this action should be captured in my project file. It is utterly counter-intuitive to show it again upon reopening the project! Fortunately, hiding the folder from Project Window works as expected.


Once you hide it in a project, it should not come back. How are you hiding it?

Right Clicking on the selected track and selecting, ‘‘Hide selected tracks’’.

The point exactly! IT SHOULD NOT COME BACK! hahaha but it does when I reopen the same project. I hope that answers your question.

Anyway, I guess we have to wait for another update.

No not really, because when I do that it does not come back. Are you using a project from an earlier version, or is this a new project?

Its a waste of track real estate in the arrange page, and totally unnecessary to see unless you have automation on a plugin.

Its far more intuitive to just create it if you need it, than to have to hide it every session, and then make it visible if you need it!


It also presumes that everyone uses a single master stereo out.

Its now just as counterintuative to anyone using more than one output (where are my other outputs?) as it is to those who don’t know how to activate it to start with!

It’s labeled input/output channels but I cannot get my input channels to show in the folder. Has anyone been able to do this?

Go to the MixConsole and press “W” on the input channel that you want to add to the folder.


Hide/unhide tracks/folders using the Project window Visibility tab. If you use the Mix window Visibility tab, i/o folder and contents will reappear.

If you want to hide the contents of input/output folder and in particular, “stereo out”, and not use the i/o folder at all, try this:

  1. From the Project window, drag “stereo out” track out of i/o folder and place it in the track list.
  2. Remove i/o folder.
  3. Using the Visibility tab in the Project window, hide the “stereo out” track.
  4. Hide/unhide tracks with the Project window Visibility tab. If you use the Mix window Visibility tab, “stereo out” reappears. If you write automation to i/o tracks, the i/o folder will reappear.

There maybe another route, but this quick test worked for me.