Cubase 9.5 is amazing :-)

I’ve been doing a lot of work lately in Cubase - running the new 9.5.10, and I’ve had such a positive experience, that I want to take a moment to post here on the forum about it and to thank Steinberg! :slight_smile:

Cubase has been absolutely rock solid… I’ve not had even one single crash or freeze or anything during this entire project. Some of these songs I’ve been mixing have HUGE track counts… one of them has about 160 tracks!!! Cubase handled all of this with grace and beauty, and the end result sounds absolutely amazing. I want to say also… I know a lot of people think the new 64-bit processing thing is pointless. I’m not one of those people. I believe there is a very slight advantage to running projects with 64-bit processing… These new mixes sound better than anything I have ever done… I’m feeling shocked by how good this software really is… feeling very blessed. :slight_smile: Thank you God for guiding me to Cubase!

Anyway, thank you to everyone at Steinberg for putting together such an amazing piece of software. Cubase has been an absolute joy to use. Some of the projects I’ve been fortunate enough to work on are for big-time acts that are well known around the world… and I wanted to give honor and credit where they are due: Steinberg’s Cubase and Steinberg’s Wavelab have been at the heart of my studio the entire time.

Yes, Cubase is beautiful <3

Cubase 9.5 is fantastic and smooth running for sure. I love all the improvements from 9.0, big time steps in the right direction. Curved automation is delightful.

Cubase 9.5 is running fine, With Halion 6.1 and Groove Agent 4.
No crashes and no errors…
So really great.

Version 9.0.30 for me stable as rock
and when i get 9.5 it was like a cherry at our christmas cake :slight_smile:

YES! this is by far the most stable version - no problems.

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Definitely a lot of great things about it, without a doubt!

What does the 64-bit processing do exactly?

It provides more accurate math. ALL digital adjustments that occur within Cubase require math… even fader changes. Imagine a 44khz project. You record one single track. You turn the fader down by 1db. Cubase now has to recalculate the value of every single sample - 44100 of them every second… just to make a 1db gain change. The least significant bits in the math are rounded off (for EVERY SINGLE SAMPLE)… There is a small amount of “error” for every single rounding. Now imagine that track is also being panned… more calculation… and it’s going through effects… more calculation… now you record more tracks, and sum some tracks together on a group track - more calculation… then it goes to the master channel - more calculation for summing there - or level adjustment… MORE CALCULATION. Now - think about how many insert effects may be running on a track… think about effect sends… there is a TON of math happening inside Cubase. In a huge project with large track counts and tons of fader gain changes, automation, insert effects, send effects, summing groups, etc., the amount of math (and rounding) happening in Cubase is HUGE. With 64-bit floating point processing, Cubase maintains more accuracy with EVERY SINGLE PROCESS in the chain… gain, summing, VST FX (the ones that support 64-bit), etc. It’s debatable how much of a difference it makes, but technically, it IS more accurate than 32-bit floating point math.

Here is a post below by PG (the developer of Wavelab) discussing this in more detail on the Wavelab forum (from this thread:

My opinion exactly. This is by FAR the best Cubase ever published.
Knowing that I can trust my DAW to work with me and not against me is worth every penny I paid for the software.
Hail engineers!

Cubase 9.5.1 is rock solid here too.
Best version ever!!

Just updated from 9.0x. All went smoothly (mostly) but a few small concerns with some workarounds required. I found the GUI for routing drop-down menu (from Arranger) to be considerably worse than the last update. Like all the text is now in Bold and I found it much harder to read.
Also, the look of extra Inserts to me looks very bad the way they are very thin now.

Other small concerns not addressed.

  • Midi plugin presets and logical presets gone again (require workaround) - 27,000 views and counting. Common SB, fix this one, please.
  • templates aren’t transferred automatically - another manual workaround required. On PC just involves navigating the %app_data% folders. I can see that is territory usually reserved for more advanced users. On previous attempts I have lost valuable templates by forgetting to transfer these files. Perhaps /my documents might be a better place to store these user files?

All in all seems very solid with my projects (only 1 day so far), but the gui changes are 50/50 on whether or not they are actual improvement or not.


Hmm, okay. I can’t hear any difference but I guess it’s good practice to improve rounding math anyway. I’m getting some weird inconsistencies in levels though, if anybody wants to read this thread I posted:

I don’t have any crashes since 8.5 version, so yeah, Cubase is great :slight_smile:

I second that. 9.5 is entirely unusable for me, which is a bloody shame as they’ve fixed the laggy GUI in this release. I don’t care much about the rest really.

  • GUI colour settings? Dear lord
  • fonts are now bold, burnt out, hard to read. In some areas, like the plugin manager, font sizes are smaller. Great.
  • a variety of GUI elements is now smaller, less clear and quite frankly, damn ugly, like those tick marks in the visibility list. Visual clutter.
  • right zone Media Bay has become unusable as there’s no more list view options - everything is huge, pointless icons now.
  • Normalise and other basic audio processing task now require mouse interaction. Meh.

Steinberg is not seeing any more money from me until this is fixed. Probably never going to happen, without them ruining the application on some other end.