Cubase 9.5 keeps resetting my preferences

Hi Guys

I am having a problem, every time I start up Cubase my preferences have reset back to default. I have to go back into preferences and load the visual preset I have saved.

Any ideas why it would be doing this ?



Does Cubase quit correctly? Or does it crash while quit?

I Have to force quit majority of the time as I have to go through my plugin lists and see whats leaving it hanging. This must be the culprit ?
I have open a blank project and restored the preferences, closed Cubase down and reopened it and still the same problem.



If Cubase doesn’t quit properly, it doesn’t store the current settings.

I’m having the same issue but it does not crash for me. It just resets preferences every time I reopen. Any ideas? Steinberg support doesn’t know anything.

Which preferences is it resetting?
Have you looked at the preferences files to check they’re being saved at close?
If so, can you see the changes you’ve made?

Some preferences are kept, most are reset. From what I can see, it is saving them. Unless it’s just not saving correctly.

I backup everything every day so I ended up replacing all files in the Cubase folder with files from a week ago. That got it back to normal. But Steinberg didn’t help at all. They were blaming it on Windows. I’m back to normal now but it is a little concerning.


It seems some preferences files are updated while quit Cubase, and some are not. It would be really interesting to know, what files. At least if they are in the same folder, or if some folder(s) are write protected.

This problem also effects the latest version of cubase (10.5). Really frustrating. Why are you saving preferences on exit and risking corruption? Just save them when the user changes them. And implement the save, so there isnt the risk of a half written file, wasting everyones time when the application crashes half way through the operation. You somehow seem to master the hard stuff, yet the real simple stuff gets neglected.

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