Cubase 9.5. Keyboard keys change Primary Time format

Hi. I have a Mac with Cubase 9.5.
I am using a MR816CSX Audio interface with a Yamaha Motif XS6 as a Midi controller keyboard.
When I go to play or record midi, some notes on the keyboard change the primary Time code, some change the track, some try to close cubase.
When I push record and start recording, the channel drops out and disappears.
Not sure what I am doing wrong. Any suggestions? Thank you

Hi and welcome,

Open Studio > Studio Setup. In the Remote Devices folder, make sure, there is no Generic Remote Device. If there is any, remove it, or change the MIDI In port to None.

Hi Martin,
Sorry to take so long to respond. You have made my night.
I never use forums and I have spent a lot of time trying to sort out this issue.
I think I will have to get more involved when I have issues.
Thanks again. It is appreciated.