Cubase 9.5 MIDI Insert Record.

Hi there

I’ve been having some trouble recording the MIDI output of NI Battery in Cubase 9.5 with Apache 5 as a midi insert.

I have an instrument track with battery connected, and i have programmed in a midi drum sequence which i have looped over x amount of bars. What i want to be able to do is, by using a MIDI insert (Apache), record the desired midi output from said insert. However i play the insert live, by bypassing/un-bypassing as required.

I am able to record the audio output no bother via a group channel, however whatever way i try to route the midi [performance and record it i just cant seem to get it to work!

I have tried different MIDI merging settings, having the insert record enabled as i bypass and un-bypass etc…
In fact, when i try to record with the plugin in record mode, it seems to stop Apache from arpeggiating completely!

Many thanks for your help!

I stumbled upon an old video about Apache 5. Maybe it will help you to find what’s going wrong on your side?

MIDI Send to another Track?

Merge MIDI in Loop (Include Inserts)?

Trying to remember…

Hmmm…Having now tried it out, actually with the turning it on and off thing I think you may have to use a MIDI Loopback of some sort.