CUBASE 9.5 - Mouse scroll issue + Right Zone keyboard shortcut bug

Hi, this is my first post here.
Spent some time looking for a solution to my issues, but couldn’t find anything that works. So if it’s out there and I missed it, i apologize.

Issue #1:
When i work in Cubase 9.5, the mouse scroll stops working out of nowhere. The only way around this was to click somewhere outside of Cubase (I have two monitors), then click back to select/highlight the Cubase window, and the scroll starts working again for a short period of time, before it goes off again…
I have no idea if this is a known issue, and tbh, I am still not willing to make the patch that came out, having read about lots of issues there.

Issue #2:
I started trying to incorporate the MediaBay in the Right Zone in my workflow, by using it as a file browser, instead of going Import>etc., but i found this weird bug - I can open and close the left and the lower zones w/ Ctrl+Alt+L/E, BUT - when i open the Right Zone, it CANNOT be closed with the Ctrl+Alt+R command if the File Browser is open. If its on any other tab (VSTi, CR, Meter), its no problem at all. Even if you are on Media, it does close, but ONLY, if you haven’t yet opened the File Browser.

If anyone has experienced those two problems, and have a solution, please, let me know


Admins approved my thread two days after I created it and it appeared already waay down…so, anyone with any help?