I ran the installer, but when I go to start the program, the Steinberg Hub comes up… and there is no way to get to the actual program. I have to use Windows 10 to close the hub to get to the Cubase menu…

When I finally get to the menus, half the menus are all empty. For example, if I go to STUDIO --> STUDIO SETUP, the entire box is empty white except for 4 buttons - reset, apply, ok, and cancel… there is nothing else! This is just one menu - the others are the same! All of the menus appear like this. Same thing with the preferences menu… nothing there… except a few buttons at the bottom.

I figured maybe the install got corrupted somehow, so I uninstalled it, and reinstalled - SAME PROBLEM… Not sure what to do here… it appears to not work at all on my machine. Any suggestions? Cubase 9.0.30 runs perfectly fine here.


I discovered the problem. I was using an old Matrox video card… It only supports directX 9 and below. Apparently as of Cubase 9.5, Cubase now requires a video card that supports directX 10… I swapped out the video card for Nvidia NVS 510, and everything works great now. I’m excited to start working in 9.5!