Cubase 9.5 not working

I have just downloaded Cubase 9.5 LE and it’s updates. However I can’t open a new project. I am new to recording and just learning, but can’t even start to experiment as it won’t open anything! I thought it may be that I don’t have a DAW set up, but went to do that but when I go to Studio Setup it just opens a white screen with Reset or Apply and nothing else! When I click New Project it seems to open the hub. When I watched videos it looked like there were 2 sides one with the news and videos etc, and the other was to do with projects. However this side is missing on my screen! Any help would be much appreciated.



If you could post pics of what you’re seeing, it would be helpful, as would knowing what OS you’re on…

Hi Steve

Will be able to do pics tomorrow when I am back on my laptop. OS is Windows 10 though. Downloaded Cubase 9.5LE and have put in the e-license. It looks like every options screen I can open comes up as a white pop up with just the grey “OK” etc buttons but nothing else!

Try uninstalling, then reinstalling. It does sound like something is wrong with the install.

It seems like I have this issue. Need to look into the graphics card by the look of things as laptop is new and I’m not sure what I have, will look into this as tried the uninstall last night already and the issue remained.

Hi Steve

Just to let you know. Amending the graphics card settings solved the problem!

Thanks for trying to help though :smiley:


Thanks. I’ll make a note of it. :sunglasses: