Cubase 9.5 on Mavericks ??

Anyone tested this combination yet?

I know it’s not officially supported. 9.03 runs great on Mavericks BTW.


Bought and installed it. Messed around looking at new features, no intensive testing or recording though, but seems to be working fine. New video component doesn’t work, so just replaced it with the old one again. That works. Custom colours have changed so that didn’t transfer from C9. All other prefs did. Didn’t try 64bit.

Thanks for the reply Ulesto.

Which video component did you have to use?

The one from 9.03 or the one from 8.5?

How do you replace it?

You’re welcome. I looked here too before deciding to risk it :slight_smile:

I think it was 9.0.20 that I took the video component from since I believe they changed it for 9.0.30. (Probably the same one as .0 and .10, maybe even 8.5 so any of those will do)

Open the Cubase package in Finder with right click (or control+left click) to get the contextual menu. It’s in the Components folder, which I believe is in the Contents folder. (Not at my computer right now but it’s easy to find).

Just replace the new video component with the old one and you’re set. I always pull the new one out and set it aside in case I want to restore it.

Awesome. Many thanks.

Yeah, it’s blazing on Mavericks - snappy on El Capitan finally but it’s absurdly fast on Mavericks. And yeah that video tip by Ulesto is good for sure, you can even use the “Replace Audio in Video File” command again.

Hi everyone,
I’ve got the same problem.
My cubase 9.5 PRO is not playing back any kind of video that i try to import in the project and it just says “missing thumbnail cache”.
I’ve never had Cubase before so I tried to ask a friend of mine to send me the “videoengine.bundle” (is that file, init?) from the 9.0 version.
I replace it, but it’s still not working anyway.
I even tried to download some additional “Perian” codecs and extensions (I already had quicktime 7), no way as well.
I wouldn’t like to upgrade my OSX. That’s because I use to work with a lot of apps and different daw and I guess Im going to find other issues like that if I had to install a new operative system.

Does anyone know how to solve it? Thank you

AlfioTS, use video component from 8.5. Its working with 9.5 on mavericks.

replacing the c9 videoengine.bundle with the C8.5 its working for me

Hi all.
Im looking to buy and install cubase 9.5 pro on osx 10.9.5. I don’t have any earlier version of cubase.
Can anyone help me with video component from earlier versions?
Pm for email?

You can download Cubase 8.5 from the Support -> Downloads page.