Cubase 9.5 Operation Manual Problem On iOS 11

I have an iPad that I use for reading (and searching) the Cubase manuals, especially the Operation Manual.

I upgraded to Cubase 9.5 last week, and today I downloaded the documentation to my iPad. With previous releases, the PDFs worked just fine in iBooks. But with this release, the iBooks search function doesn’t work with the Operation Manual. This is a real problem because the Operation Manual doesn’t have an index, so search is really useful and important.

I checked, and the Cubase 9 Operations Manual still works just fine on my iPad. I suspect what’s going on is that the Cubase 9.5 Operation Manual PDF has gotten too big for iBooks.

I suspect it’s a bug in iBooks. The Operation Manual PDF works just fine on my Windows machine in Acrobat Reader.

I’m going to try to figure out how to report this problem to Apple. I’m reporting it here in the hope that Steinberg will report it to Apple, a report that will have more clout than something just coming from me.

Perhaps as an interim fix, it would be good if Steinberg could provide us with a version of the 9.5 Operation Manual in two separate files (i.e. Vol 1, Vol 2).