CUBASE 9.5 performance test

I tested Cubase 9.5 with 64bit versus 32bit processing precision and also version 9.0.30.
Seems there isn’t noticeable performance difference between 32bit engines.
Big suprise is 64bit audio engine. It outperforms all the 32bit versions?!

Bunch of Sylenth, Massive, Addictive keys and Kontakt tracks. No insert/send effects.
Cubase 9.5 on 64bit engine outperforms it’s 32bit version and 9.0.30 version by small amount but it’s there.

Audio tracks with bunch of Krammer Tapes plugin on insert channel, Verbsuit classic on sends.
Some Sylneth and Massive tracks. Big master chains with multiple Ozone 8, Slate tape machine, Waves shuffler and Limiter.
Those should cover all the real life VST usage.
64bit engine on 9.5 version outperforms both 32bit engine and CS 9.0.3 by three more Kramer plugins?!

I thought 64bit processing precision would take a hit on CPU and Asio Performance, but with three more Kramer plugins there is no doubt
it was more efficient.
Did anyone noticed the same, what would be technical explanation? :astonished:

Asio Guard: High
48kHz/24bit. 10ms buffer size
Audio Priority Boost, Steinberg power scheme
I5 4460, Asusu Mbo, 16GB RAM, Focusrite Scarlett,

TEST 1 (bunch of synths)
9.0.30 32bitPP Test 2 85% CPU
9.5 32bitPP Test 2 85% CPU
9.5 64bitPP Test 2 80% CPU

TEST 2 (audio, synths, Insert/send plugins)
9.5 64bitPP TEST 3 three more Kramer plugins then 32bitPP or CS 9.0.30

It is better on first look, more stable asio, especially real time, also less cpu 5-10% at least.

Educated guess would be that since it’s x64 program and it’s running 64 bit numbers on the x64 processor everything is “alligned” and no overhead is needed. The real details of this escape me, but it seems logical :slight_smile:

My finding as well 64bit precision seems great progress, it sounds more fluid too

Performance already improved in previous 9 version compared to 8 and now CS 9.5 has improved even more in 64bit mode. :astonished:
Beside that, I have much smoother GUI performance.
Steinberg finally addresed those chunky graphic issues and now it feels snappy and looks great.
Big thumbs up for Steinberg :smiley: :smiley:

Yea but look at the real time peak…what buffer size was used …I would love to see a small buffer size 64 bit test for live monitoring…I can get cb 9.30 pretty low and real time cpu not so bad ,but wondering about 64 bit,also the listen test sometimes is not accurate cause someone tells you it sounds better you think it…it happens with every update !!