Cubase 9.5 PRO + Antelope Orion studio rev 2017

Just upgraded my studio gear and now got 9.5 pro connected via USB to an Antelope Interface. Since Antelope is renowned for their clocks I for sure want to go with the Interface clocking, not the computer acting as a master.
In studio I click on device setup and choose The Orion Interface as the protocol for ASIO. The problem is I can not open up the control panel in cubase to shift between buffer sizes.
Opening up the Interface own control panel you chan decide at what sample rate the Interface will run and you can also choose “master” for the clock. As soon I as I start up Cubase the computer takes over and the choosen clock in the Interface control panel changes from the good Oven one to USB. To me that means Orion no longer is the master for clocking.
Even if clicking externally clocked in Cubase studio device when the Orion ASIO driver is choosen theres no chance of getting the Orion Interface to be the master…still USB.

Anyone with same setup or any knowledgement how to get around this?

Had support with Antelope on my own question and got an answer. Even when the Orion tells “USB” for clocking it means the Orion still is the master…but no answer why I cannot changes buffer size withinDAW- studio device control panel, and that must be a Cubase question…

Hello 666 :wink:
I have the same issue. Did you have clues ?
I cannot change frequency and buffer size directly from cubase because the control panel button have no effect.
Besides, I have “pop” sound each time somothing is changing = > source, end of a video, etc…
Keep in touch!

Hello. I’m thinking about adding the Antelope Orion Studio rev 2017 to my Windows based setup.

Can the USB hookup handle twelve channels of in/out on your various system(s) without any problems? My PC specs are excellent.