Cubase 9.5 PRO crashes when disabling track

When disabling an audio track Cubase quite often crashes.

Cubase 9.5 PRO
Windows 10 Home
Intel i7-4770K


Could you share the crashdump file (located in Documents/Steinberg/crashdumps), please

Martin, I can send you the dmp file … but they are empty when Cubase crashes because of this.

I nebvertheless tried to attach to to this message using the attachments/Add files option, but I was not allows to attach .dmp file, so how can I send you the sump files?


ZIP them and share the Dropbox (or similar service) link, please.

I have zipped all my crash dumps. About 5 MB. Empty crsh dumps are caused when disabling a track. Non-empty crash dumps are caused by closing Cubase

To what email address should I send the share link? Dropbox’s public folder is no longer really public, so I will probably use WeTransfer

I wonder the crash dump files are empty. Post the link here.

Me too :slight_smile:

But what I mean is: dropbox now longer has a public folder (it has has one but it not publicly accessible through a URL) … so I need some email address to send the files to (e.g. via WeTransfer), unless you know something I am not aware of.


In Dropbox, you can copy the link to the file. I do it almost every day, and lots of forum users send me the crashlog like this very often. Or use another service you know, please.

Hi Martin,

Me so stupid, you are right. Here is the link:

But again: when Cubase crashes because of disabling an audio track, a dump file is generated, but it is empty. I just had it again, with a bad cascade of “A serious error has occurred” dialogs. I saw the new dump file and it is empty.

Nevertheless, the other NON-EMPTY dump files might be of use, too. The are exclusively stemming from crashes upon closing Cubase

The empty crashdump means, the file is 0kb?

Correct, the 0kb dump files in the zip file are those generated when disabling an audio track … so not very useful, just included to indicate it’s a problem for me