Cubase 9.5 Pro crashes when loading certain projects

Cubase will only let me open projects that are over a month old. Even if I create new projects, and attempt to “Import Tracks from Project,” it crashes.

I’ve tried removing all of the plug in .dll files from C: > Program Files > Steinberg > VSTPlugins.

It still crashes. I watch it carefully. When I attempt to open the project file, the last thing I see it try to load is “Stereo Out”.

Running Windows 10. I’m desperate. I’ve for a client waiting.

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Could you try in Cubase Safe Start More [Disable Preferences], please?

I did.

Shift + Cntrl + Command + Alt when the splash screen hit, and I chose “disable preferences.”

I’ve identified Kontakt as the problem. Cubase won’t open any program file with instances of Kontakt.

When I remove the Kontakt.dll file from the path where Cubase is looking for it, those program files open again.

I’m an orchestral producer and nearly every instrument I use is a Kontakt library. I’m hoping a clean uninstall/reinstall will work.

Anything I should know moving forward with this process? Native Access as a download and activation tool can be temperamental, and I want to make sure I reinstall it in a way that Cubase likes.

I did a full uninstall on Kontakt and a full reinstall, and the problem remains.


I would get in touch with NI support.