Cubase 9.5 Pro download does not work, neither does Customer support


I bought Cubase 9.5 Pro more than a week ago. The download manager doesn’t work properly, so I get an error message after the download. I contacted customer support right away (despite bugs in the contact formular), but after more than 7 days, they have still not replied. Is this the customer support I can expect from Steinberg in the future? If this is the case I’d rather get my money back, and go Logic or Pro Tools

I contacted customer support more than a month ago and have had no reply, seems to happen quite a lot!!

What is the error message? Someone here may be able to help you.

Really? That seem like terrible customer support. It shouldn’t happen from a big professional company like Steinberg. I got a reply after making this thread. Not very productive replies though, and no serious solution to my problem…

They replied after I posted this message. Mainly saying they could not replicate the problem, but that it was to try again. I found another solution myself after waiting days and days for a reply.

It might be useful for other users to post your solution in case they come across the same problem in future (along with the error message to tie the solution to the problem, if possible).

Glad you got it sorted, anyway.


I basically downloaded it on another computer, with another internet connection, at a friends place. So no “real” solution to the actual problem was found.

To me, in addition to it being more of a work-around, it’s also an indication the problem was system specific, and something in your own system was the cause. Can’t blame Steinberg for that!