Cubase 9.5 Pro - Halsion Sonic SE 3 not showing Flux (Content)

After installing the update from 9 to 9.5 Pro, the HSE Flux Synth in missing.
VSTSound file is located in the profile’s AppData folder where all other Soundsets are located but in HSE it is not showing.
Reinstalled HSE and Content but no success. Used a hint from a user here in the forum, which is to copy the VSTSound File from the content source to the destination but the file is already there. Doubleclick on the file opens the Content Manager but it says it did not take any action as it is already activated.


This must be an issue on your side. I have the content.


I have to confirm there is an issue here for a few users.

Please, run the installer again and select to re-install the HALion Sonic SE 3 entry in the installer dialogue. This will fix the installation.
It should not be necessary to copy the vstsound file, but I’ll keep an eye out for cases where it fails.
We’ll put up an article about this soon, sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi Fabio,

thanks for the confirmation and how to fix it.
Unfortunately this does not solve it. I have run the installer (full package source) twice, with and without uninstalling Halion Sonice SE & Content from Add/Remove programs (W10 machine) wiht no success. Flux does not appear as it should.

I assume there is also an issue with the Windows profile depending how you choose to install (all users/current user).
My app data is in the “Roaming” path since I never selected to install only for the current user.

I’d really like to see it fixed in a general way. Thanks for your support


Lucky you! :slight_smile:

How did you install CB 9.5? On a system which never had Cubase installed?

My W10 64 Bit System is having Cubase 8, 8.5, 9 and 9.5 Pro installed.

I am going to try to install it on a blank system when I have time…but, well, that’s not really a thing I’d like to do…


strange, it seems to have worked for most users. The article is up now:

Are you using the updater or the full installer?

If this can help to find the content or better understand the install procedure, when you install for the ‘current user’ (i.e. without flagging the ‘all users’ checkbox, which the default), the content ends up in C:\Users*username*\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Content. If you flag the ‘All users’ option, the content ends up here: C:\ProgramData\Steinberg\Content.
Is it by any means possible that you performed different installations with different install options?

Hi Fabio,

I tried both installers. I have all content in the Roaming profile folder which means I did not flag “all users” (though I thought it was default to all users and if you check it is for the current, LOL). Anyways, I am seeing all the other content in the Roaming profile path.
Need to check again he manual copy option…
If all goes bad…well, I may have to wipe off all Cubase versions once again and just install 9.5 which is some pita :wink:

Small things cause large efforts sometimes…

Hope the bug-list is not expanding (watching all the other topics coming in)

I’ll report back what fixed it on my system

Alright, whatsoever fixed it, I have now Flux in my view inside the Halion SE VST Instrument

I am just wondering if there is something wrong with the Attribute Patch browser?
It looks unusual wide and there are no sound categories on the left with instruments, ie PadShop, where I have the additional sound contant, there is nothing on the first colum and all patches are at the very left. Same with Halion SE

If you still miss some presets, please try the following with Cubase closed: in %APPDATA%\Steinberg (enter like that in windows explorer) there should be a file “VST3PresetCompatibility”, please open that in a texteditor (Notepad) and simply save it, that will make the file change date recent and then start Cubase, … are you seeing the Flux presets now in Cubase?

Here is a video explaning where to find the Flux content and how to put it in the right direcory. I solved it this way.

I fixed it by using the Halion Library Manager (not sure how I got this program…came with Halion 6? I’m sure it’s available for download on Steinberg’s site). Its located (for me) in C:\Program Files\Steinberg\HALion Library Manager\

I navigated to the download location for the 9.5 upgrade vst sounds (in my case this was C:\Users\myUserName\Downloads\Steinberg\WIN64\Cubase Pro 9.5 - Update from 9.0\Cubase 9.5\Cubase for Windows\Additional Content\VST Sound\HALionVSTSound.

Then I found the file: FCP_SMT_232_HSSE_Flux_Presets.vstsound , moved it to C:\Users\myUserName\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Content\HALion\VST Sound . This is where all the other .vstsound files for Halion are located. (not sure this was necessary, but oh well).

Then I right clicked on the file (in its new home) and picked Edit in Steinberg HALion Library Manager .

I got a dialog saying Register File?

I said “Yes Please!” and clicked Yes.

Boom! Job Done!