Cubase 9.5 pro headphones (again!)


I want to listen to Cubase through headphones and plugging them in makes no difference. I assume that’s because ASIO4All v2 is controlling the sound.

I know others have asked about this, and I’ve tried to make those solutions work for me, but have failed, sometimes because those solutions seemed system specific, or maybe I just didn’t do it right.

My system is an HP Spectre x360 - 13-4129na (ENERGY STAR) laptop, running Cubase 9.5 Pro (9.5.41)

I’ve tried to add microphone outputs in the Studio setup control panel, which are said to be active, but that clearly isn’t enough. It could well be that I’m talking nonsense, and I only half understand what I’m doing :slight_smile:

If anyone is prepared to look at my two images attached:

(1. My studio output set up;
output settings1.jpg
and 2. My ASIO set up)

and suggest solutions I’d appreciate it.

Many thanks

It´s not about simply creating an output and connect it to any channel. It is about if your onboard soundcard does provide a discrete channel for the headphoones output, which most onbaord Laptop soundchips don´t.
If it does, it should be visible in the ASIO4all setup.

Ah - which may just mean it won’t work… I’m trying to find out the sound card details.

In the meantime, thank you!

Hi Ngs
Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:
Ideal solution would be an external audio interface,bypassing the computer/laptop soundcard.I have a Focusrite Scarlett 2nd Generation,powered via USB,my headphones come off a dedicated headphone output,on the audio interface
No expert here,but this works well for me.
Hope this helps

Thanks for the welcome!

So I’ve contacted HP, and the only information they have is that it’s ‘an intel audio card with a conexant driver’. If true that ‘most laptop soundchips don’t have a discrete headphone channel’, I’m guessing this generic one doesn’t.

So I think you’re right that I need to add a box if I want that functionality, and really helpful to know (a) from @svennilenni that there’s no point me keeping on trying to something that is probably impossible, and (b) from you what system you use.

Many thanks

Your welcome NGS :slight_smile: