Cubase 9.5 Pro Manuals Not Installed

Hi, just noticed I do not have the manuals installed for Cubase 9.5 Pro; all I can get, via the Hub, is links to online Community and Support.

Had a look through the folders and for C8.5 there was a Documentation folder whereas C9.5 doesn’t have this.

Have I lost them during installation, or surely they haven’t been removed?
(spent 10 mins looking into this, not even sure what I wanted to look up now)

They have been removed. You can download them though in the downloads section. Personally, I am in the camp with those who don’t like that they were removed.

You can still download the PDF manuals here, but the web version is the “main” manual now.

You can bookmark the web manual on your phone or tablet and use it more or less like a physical manual, with advanced search functionality. This is specially useful for checking what things do without taking the focus away from Cubase.