Cubase 9.5 pro with HDX Hardware?

Finally pulled a plunge on Cubase! Trying to Use HDX Hardware, as Pro Tools will still be my main App for recording. Have projects coming in Cubase,want to be compatible. Anybody can guide me how to set up?

Opened Audio Connections, and Set up 40 IN/Out (my physical I/O available in HDX)

Opened Studio Setup, VST Audio System is On HDX, VST System Link has so many errors,… it deactivates.

I supposed to wire Physical Out 1 to In 1 as Audio? I did, still errors,…

I’m on a Mac OS 10.11
One HDX card with One Apogee Symphony with 32 I/O and Avid HD with 8 I/O

Running Pro tools 12 with no issues.