cubase 9.5 problem re-analyzed variaudio

sorry for my bad English but I’m Italian… I made the transition from cubase pro 9 to 9.5, I have a serious problem whenever I intervene on the audio file is re-analyzed with the result of the loss of previously modified data, example: I apply a fade out, open variable and analyze the I / audio, make changes to the intonation and close. if I repeat this passage a few times it changes again without ever having to keep the changes. because? considering version 9 did not do that? I’ve spent money on updating to improve and not worsen workflow. I had to repeat the work 4 times with economic and time damage.

Thanks for your help

I’m 10 days waiting for assistance but nothing. I will ask for the refund

Please keep in mind that support will be very busy since Cubase 9.5 has just been released. They wont be able to reply to everything right away. I noticed that you posted about this earlier on another thread, to get official support you have to contact them through your MySteinberg:

Can you explain step by step what you’re doing, so someone can confirm that it’s also happening on their computer?

yes, I tried in another topic but no one answered me. I have already written to the support and are 10 days waiting, I do not expect to respond to me immediately, but 10 days are so many do not you think? anyway thanks for the reply, you are very kind.

I also noticed that if I apply a fade out / in I erase all the audio … crazy things. fortunately I have not uninstalled 9 and can work

Yes there is something going on there, variaudio re-analysis a part that is processed by Direct Offline Processing, but “sometimes” it does not apply the processing (fade in/out) after the analyse.
Did that a few times, and now it works again. My guess is DOP makes a copy of the audio to process, variaudio kicks in after the process to analyse but does it on the original file.
I can’t make a definitive repro of the issue, but will make some noise in the DOP related thread.

I thought I was the only one, I’m sorry to happen to you as well, but in part it raises me to know that it happens to others … thanks for the help while waiting for your news. if the support responds, I will post their answer to help you

If I understand your question Cubase is reanalyzing the variaudio when you modify the audio. This is normal Cubase behaviour.

Did you get a message at some point and did you click on…
I always click on proceed and keep and option don’t ask me again.

The only way to get that message to pop up again is to delete your preferences.
And when Cubase ask you again click on proceed and keep…

did I understand, so did I save the preferences I had given to the previous version? but if so it should keep the changes not? anyway I will try to do as you say! thanks for the advice

nothing! I tried but the situation does not change, plus I am deleting the audio …

I update on my state, after 14 days of waiting I decided to request a refund for a serious defect in the program, contacted the administration office and told me that steinberg refuses the refund because the code was used !!! I now want to understand how to use the program without activating the license? in addition my support request was marked as closed. this story does not end so !!!

Typical Steinberg really … Really fantastic product with appalling customer service ethos.

Refunding used upgrades is likely not so simple, because it would involve completely deleting your Cubase license. I’ve heard of them refunding brand new purchases of their products, where simply deleting the license is practical.

I can’t replicate the issue you’re having and I’m not sure if I understood it correctly. Applying fade out, editing VariAudio then trying to apply fade out again causes loss of VariAudio data in both Cubase 9 and 9.5.

Again please explain step by step what you’re doing, so someone can make a bug report and get this fixed for everyone, if there’s really a bug here.

Did you install 9.5 besides your 9.0 version?

If so - I would advise to use version 9 for the time being. It is normal practice for me to keep the older version installed until at least one update has been out. Until then I mostly use the older versions for important sessions, and the newer version to dabble a bit and get used to (and find and report bugs if needed).

I would advise to cool down, and wait for the update that already is reported to solve a bunch of issues.
There are other issues with DOP, the new 64bit engine has issues too, hopefully most of them will be ironed out soon.

This issue is not Variaudio losing data, it is DOP doing it’s thing like a fade out and working as expected, then Variaudio kicks in to analyse (ass it correctly should) and swoop the fade out is undone.
Do this a few time and it suddenly is working ??? That is a BUG!
I love C9.5 it will be the best Cubase ever, when those issues are corrected.

I update the boys discussion. I had an email exchange and I got a remote assistance session. the problem was also found by the operator and there is talk of a bug! practically using variaudio, modifying the notes, and then applying any process to the file, the audia reopening of variaudio was re-analyzed with the loss of previous modifications. next week the 9.5.10 version should be plumbed with all the corrections to the problems encountered

fortunately I have not uninstalled 9 every time I update I wait to be sure everything works fine before uninstalling the old version

next week the 9.5.10 version should be plumbed with all the corrections to the problems encountered

Hail to that message! And then we’ll see what’s next to be fixed in any possible (very later) 9.5.20 release…
And the support is almost not existing (at least not by unsing normal support methods)…

in practice: open variaudio, edit the notes, close variaudio apply a process to the file that is fade out \ in and open variaudio again. at this point the file is retested without having saved the previous changes

it took me 15 days to reply, I was told that they had problems with email assistance. however, the important thing is to understand what happens and the solutions to the problem. I am convinced that in those days they were studded with support requests considering the multiple bugs of the program