Cubase 9.5 problems

Updated to Cubase 9.5 yesterday, several problems occuered. :angry:

  1. In inspector problems with Reading names of Inserts, letters comes above each other ?
  2. Chanel settings. The left Inserts area in blue is correct, but on the right send side it has become green-gray Instead of blue ? Pro-fade ?
  3. F12 Audio Perfomance is still problems average load gets red and sounds disapear, even when doing nothing/stopped ?
  4. Output Stereo Track has got back again to -23 LUFS, Isn´t there any preset ? That´s to low?



  1. Could you share a screenshot, please?

  2. This change is intended. Finally the coloring of Pre-/Post-fader is unified for Inserts and Sends. Pre = blue; Post = green. Thank you, Steinberg!

  3. Try to increase Buffer Side, please.

  4. So you mean after export or while Listening? Isn’t you Main Out job on the Control Room set this way?

Unified colours on Pre Post? Have to say its going to take a lot readjustment after 10 years of pre green and blue post!!! I actually wonder whether someone got it wrong at SB?

Unified color (blue) for Pre-Faders of Inserts and Pre-Faders of Sends.
And another unified color (green) for Post-Faders of Inserts and Post-Faders of Sends.

No, you are not right. In the past it was different:

  • Inserts: Pre: blue, post-green
  • Sends: Pre: green, post-blue.

But probably most of users didn’t know, they are using Post-Fader Sends. It was “nice” and it looked correct, but it was confusing. Now it’s unified and always clear (finally).

I just switched the colors around for the sends in the prefs… so to stay with what I have been used to…

Ok the reason I said that is I don’t think I ever used a post fade insert Intentionally. I only associated pre and post colours with sends in cubase. Inserts always showed as blue. I actually can’t think of a use case for a post fader insert.
Coming from the analog console way of thinking all Inserts should be pre-fader to my mind.

Can someone give me a usecase for a postfader insert?

I can’t think of a reason I wouldn’t want them pre-fader

Where is this located in preferences? It’s getting hard to find what your after in there!

Preferences > User Interface > MixConsole Rack Colors - I just clicked on the colors for pre and post sends respectively, noted the 3 color settings on each, then swapped the settings on the two around.

I have actually read somewhere in here (from one of the mods) that this had been swapped by accident, by Steinberg didn’t took the chance to do a last minute fix…

That’s great there’s a way to change it! Sends is where I use pre and post every day. It’s been blue for post green for pre since Cubase SX 1 if my memory serves correct.

Just updated - this is confusing.

It would have made more sense switching the insert colours, if Steinberg wanted a unified colour.

I don’t think so. Inserts are used more often, so the color doesn’t change for the more often used use case.

I haver this weird problem that the left guitar channel is dead until i re-apply the maxisingle by brainworx but it wont end here the loaded recording on this channel is all wrong and I have no Idea how to fix it. Its like cubase randomly applied an old chorus recording over the whole track on the left channel. When i check the file names in the audio folder the names are right and the recordings are right but not when loaded in cubase.