Cubase 9.5 project in Cubase 10

Having got my head around all the new goodies, I decided to revisit a track our band recorded in January this year on 9.5, just to see what happens! The track has VST instrument tracks (2) and 16 audio tracks (acoustic and electric guitars and vocals).
Firstly, project opened, no issues, everything there as recorded.
Next, I decided to give the vocal align a go. There was one lead, and six backing tracks by the same vocalist. Hey presto, it worked like a dream! In fact it worked so well that I was able to remove two of the BV tracks as they were to balance out the slight mis-alignment and fill the vocals. Happy days!
Then the “mixing and finishing off”!
I originally used various Waves plugs for EQ, channel strip and compression etc. Why? Well, I thought they made the track sound better, but I never used the old channel strip, so I thought I’d give the new ones a go!

With the new latency monitors I see the latency that ONLY the Waves plugs were causing. It would appear that Waves plugs also effected the computer efficiency as well, with CPU usage at about 70-80%!

Using the Cubase channel strips, NO LATENCY at all, CPU to about 15-20%, so a huge difference!!

So all in all, thumbs up all round here!

Oh, and no crashes, BSOD or warning messages from the programs!!

Happy days!!

Jim B

Nice… Glad to see this in CB 10 (you can delete your CB 19 post). :wink:

Regards :sunglasses:

Sorry about that!

Jim B