cubase 9.5 project won't open starts crashing

been working on a project for a week, everything fine, saved it last night, this morning it will not open just crashes
not added any extra plugins. click on report nothing no report will come up to try and see what is causing the issue

constant issues with 9.5

Mac i5, 32ram, ssd drives
latest osx

any ideas?

UPDATE, project opens in cubase 8.5 but the steinberg frequency plugin will not open because it’s not a 8.5 plugin
bak file will not open either in 9.5!

steinberg this is not very good guys!


Most of those crashes are plug-in related. Share the crash log, please.

normally I click report and it shows the crash log I then cut and paste it to a txt file. however nothing happens when I click report with this particular crash
where can I find it?

You can find all source *.crash files in the macOS Consult Utility. Share the source *.crash file, please.

thanks for the advice, found the user report in console, looks like a distortion plug in called maul was the last thing it tried to load, if I remove it the project loads,
I have been using this plugin with cubase 9.5 for 3 months, not had an issue before. very strange.i might re-install the plugin maybe it has been corrupted

thanks for pointing me in the right direction much appreciated