Cubase 9.5 : region copy

Good evening,
One thing that changed with cubase 9.5 is that apparently you can’t make aliases of midi and audio regions anymore. I used to option+shift+drag a region to make an alias, but now when I hold option and shift in the arrangement it controls the cursor. Is there any way to put thing back to normal?


It works to me here.

What do you mean by “it controls the cursor”, please? The Cursor position changes?

When I press option+shift and click somewhere on the arrangement, it puts the cursor there. Even when I click on a region.

Yes, you are right. But if you move the event first, and hold down the modifier while moving, the “Shared Copy” is created. You have to follow the correct order of mouse move and modifier hold. :wink:

Hmmmm, yes indeed! Didn’t think of that…
Is there a way to get the old behaviour back?

I cannot see this new option (Option + Shift) in the Preferences > Editing > Tool Modifiers to be able to disable it. So I’m afraid there is no way. Of course, you can change the Shared Copy modifier in the Preferences > Editing > Tool Modifiers > Drag & Drop.