Cubase 9.5 Rename Project - Possible bug

I’m using a Mac and when I change the project name to a different name it works fine and the File->Recent Projects list is updated accordingly. E.g change name from ‘My Song’ to ‘My Rock Song’.

However, when I keep the same name but change capital letters (e.g ‘My song’ changes to ‘My Song’) then Cubase changes the filename correctly on disk but the File->Recent Projects is NOT updated and still lists the old name (My song) even though on disk it is called ‘My Song’. The result is that you can’t use File>Save command or if Cubase automatically saves the file (as per preference settings), the name will revert back to ‘My song’ on disk. I can understand that changing capital letters doesn’t actually qualify as renaming of the file but my question is how will one go about to achieve that?

Just wondering (as a workaround) if you right clicked on “My song” to delete it from the recent list then, opened “My Song” from the Cubase File>Open menu, would the correct name “My Song” be added to the recent list?

Regards :sunglasses:

I have paranoia when it comes to renaming projects. I always use the Cubase backup functionality to copy all the relevant files to a new destination folder that has the same name as my renamed project.
The old folder then gets archived when I’m sure the new one is without issues.
Maybe a little overkill, but disk space is cheap, and it is nice to have several versions of the same project from conception to finished song.