Cubase 9.5 Reset Itself!!

I am more than a bit cross. C9.5 has just re-scanned plugins and reset preferences. The last time I used it - yesterday - I had shutdown correctly and have only just opened C9.5. All my Plugin paths, colour setups and cancellation of the Hub have gone etc etc. What could have caused this? Any ideas?

That’s a pain for sure!!

Not something I’ve seen for a long time, but it used to happen quite a bit for me. I never managed to find out why, I guess some sort of file corruption, which means a bug somewhere. Don’t suppose you could even reproduce it…

Anyway, I’ve taken to copying the settings folder ( periodically. I also export my settings as a Preset where I can, e.g. preferences, key commands. I run a nightly full system backup too and one or two times I’ve grabbed things back from this.

But as I say I haven’t seen this one for a long while, maybe last in V7…


…sounds like corupt Preferences file to me too…used to happen to me too a few versions back.

Thanks for suggestions GargoyleStudio It will certainly help me get back on my feet next time.

This also happened to me recently, luckily before I had set much up. The only thing I can correlate it with, is that I inadvertently did not have my eLicenser plugged in when I started, so Cubase didn’t start. Plugged in the eLicenser, Cubase started, but all my pref’s and other setups were gone.

I recreated them, and since then I’ve been doing what GargoyleStudio suggested above.

It’s a mystery to me how this started as I had no problem shutting down or starting up.
My only real issue is that the Project Assistant has no record of all my past projects, but I suppose they are found easily enough.

Backing up the prefs will help all other issues. Although any additional prefs must be re-backed up.