Cubase 9.5 Sampler Crash

Every time i drag a sample to Cubase 9.5’s Sampler, it crashes.
I’ve re-installed - It doesn’t crash before first plug-in scan, so it must be some kind of VST/VSTi that’s causing this.
I’m not sure how to find out which one.

Crash dump attached.


Windows 10 64bit, Cubase 9.5 64bit
Cubase 64bit 2018.7.9 12.46.dmp (684 KB)

Hi and welcome,

Do you mean to the Sample Track? How do you drag-and-drop? From File Explorer? From MediaBay? What file type is it? Is it a WAV, MP3, FLAC…? How many channels? What sample rate and bit rate?


Yes i mean the Sample Track.
I’ve tried dragging from Explorer, from mediabay, from project window. It crashes everytime.
I’ve also tried different file types.

Thank you for clarification. I reported it to Steinberg.