Cubase 9.5 Setup stopped working - Win 7 x64

Hello guys,

I really dont know what to do more, Ive tried all fixes found on web, here in discussions but nothing works.

The issue is that when I start cubase setup, it crashes “Setup stopped working”
I have net framework 4.7.2, all win updates, it took me a lot of time but it still does no work.

It cannot be windows issue when all other applications work, only cubase setup crashes.

Thansk in advance for help if there is any. I am really annoyed with this product as it has many bugs and this one is really sad. Such a simple thing as setup is…

Hi MartinWave, I think you should post this in the Cubase 9 forum, not here. Over here, we’re just idiot composer types who don’t really know how this stuff magically works!