Cubase 9.5 sometimes no signal from output

Hello Guys

Sin I use C 9.5 I have very offen problem to have singnal from output on the beginning when I start new or old/current project.
My sound card is ESI ESP1010e latest drivers. To reach sound from output I have to go to “audio connections” > ouputs and change for a
moment ouput chanel and back. FOr example I change left chanel from output 1/2L to 3/4L and again to 1/2L. Then I have sound in cubase.
Where is problem? I never had such situation in C 7.5
It’s not every time but about avery second time


Every second time of what? Starting Cubase? Loading a project? Starting playback?

starting cubase and openning any project or creating new one. I didn’t check it without opened project.


Is it the same as this thread?

Rather no. I see my outputs, but to make them audible I have to change one output chanel (left or right) and then set it up as was previously and then it works. You know. this way you have to start engine. I reinstaled sound card driver too

To me it sounds really more in the hardware/driver side. I’m out of ideas here, sorry.