Cubase 9.5 Step by step recording not working

Maybe something is changed from version 9 but when i try to record midi using the step by step mode every note i recorded disappear after i close the midi editor window. Am i missing something?

Hi and welcome,

Could you be more specific and describe your issue step by step, please?

Do you mean Step recording? Do you record to the editor or to the track? Where is the focus while recording (in the editor or in the Project window)? Do you use external MIDI Input hardware, or virtual MIDI Keyboard?

Hi. I use a midi keyboard. I’ve noticed that if i create an empty midi section with the stencil and then i open with double left click,the notes i record with Step Recording disappear after i close the section (and they are white!).On the opposite If i normally record a midi track and i open it with double left click,i can see the notes inside. Then here if i use the Step Recording works out fine.


Does it men you:

  • Draw an empty MIDI Part in the Project window.
  • You use Step Input to insert a MIDI Notes from your external MIDI Keyboard in the Project window.
  • You double-click to the MIDI Part.
    => MIDI Notes are grayed out.
    => MIDI Part disappear from the Project window after closing the editor.

Am I right?

If yes, the grayed out MIDI Notes means, these notes are Muted or out of the range of the MIDI Part. If you use Step Input in the Project window, you are not inserting the MIDI data to the already drawn MIDI Part. So this might be confusing. Then you should open the newly created MIDI Part, not the drawn one.

Hi Martin.
Yeah, you are right but the notes are not muted and they are not out of range. In Cubase 9 i drew an empty midi part,the i double click on it and start recording with Step Recording with no issues… Maybe it’s not a bug but obviously something is changed


OK, now I are writing, in Cubase 9 you start recording with Step Recording, but the editor was already open. Which is not what I described.

Please, could you make a short video?

I could not make video now, sorry. But yes im C9 i used Step Recording only with the editor already open.
In C9.5 the same thing doesn’t work,for me at least

I have just tried this myself, here on Mac OSX 10.9.5… still working perfectly here.

Was this problem ever resolved? I am here on an Asus 16 GB Windows 10 computer and I can’t get the blue line to budge which indicates the start area for the step record. I think that was what was happening to the user here. Because even though you mark the area with the pencil the blue line goes to the beginning.

How do you get the blue line to move other than enter empty midi notes??

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Hi please tell me if you have found a fix for it, I am also suffering from the blue line of the step editor not being at the follow cursor ever, even if I put a hard left locator there it always is much further down the timeline, someone…?