Cubase 9.5 - Stretching the Arranger Track Across 2 Monitors Results in Toolbar Getting Split by Bezels


When I stretch the Arranger Track across 2 monitors, the toolbar and transport scales with the stretching and ends up moving into the middle which results in getting split up by the monitor bezels.

This was not a issue in Cubase 8 as the toolbar remained static while stretching the Arranger Track across 2 monitors.

I am wondering is there any solution for this in Cubase 9.5 ?

I have provided a screen shot in the attachments, you can see where the Cubase menu bar and Windows taskbar ends is where the monitor bezels are.

Thanks for any help


Sorry, I don’t see an Arranger Track in your project.

Do you mean when you expand the Project window? And by Toolbar, do you mean the menu?

If yes, then it’s specified like this. The menu bar is not linked to the Project window anymore.