Cubase 9.5 - Unable to pitch shift/transpose down

When I try to transpose audio parts using Cubase’s 9.5 built in pitch shift plugin (through audio --> process --> pitch shift or with the new “direct offline processing”) it’s only possible to transpose upwards, I can’t transpose downwards! When I try to press the down-arrow on the screen nothing happens, and I can’t type in a negative value, it just changes back to 0.
It seems like Cubase thinks the pitch is already at the lowest possible or something. Anyways it behaves strange compared to the earlier versions of Cubase. It doesn’t matter what settings I choose, it’s the same with every algorithm, whatever root note/pitch I choose or what ever settings I choose. I can transpose up 16 semitones, but not down at all.
Is it something I don’t understand that have been changed, or is it a bug of some kind?
I hope anyone can help, it’s really annoying! :cry:


It works to me here. I can set the minus value by typing, by the arrows, by mouse scroll-wheel. See attached screenshot, please.

Could you try in Safe Start Mode, please?

same problem here, seems like a bug because the graphic looks strange too…

I am having the same issue. This is really bad.

I can’t get it to shift just the audio slice i choose, it always changes a few other random parts. I’ve been having to resample all audio I want to pitch shift, it’s a nightmare.

Just ran into identical problem… the pitch shift process is all messed up… the GUI and no way to transpose downward

I have the same issue. Seemed to be ok when I first upgraded but now +16 is the only option.
It looks like the pitch shift thinks it at C0 and won’t go down, the Root Note/Pitch defaults to C0, even when changing this the Red notes move but the blue stays at the bottom of the keyboard.
Interestingly, if I change the Root Note away from C to C# or anything other than C I can get some negative values, not full ±16 but at least down to -13

Same issue here…cannot go below zero using the arrows nor typing a minus manually in…when I change root to higher than C0 I can´t either set a negative pitch shift value…this looks like a bug or it has become a shortcut secret of the Cubase coder :slight_smile:

Update: Ok it seems to be a bug…

Workaround: if the basis tone is set to C/0 and you cannot Input negative values…change C one time to anything else than C and try to put negative values in the field. …afterwards you should be able to change the basis to whatever you want and select negative values for the main transposition data again…

Ha! Great workaround, thanks :slight_smile:

Ah. That explains why it has been working “sometimes” for me. Thanks for the tip!