Cubase 9.5 update 9.5.20 failing

I downloaded the PRO update 9.5.20 today.
My Cubase PRO version is 9.5.10.
But doing the update as usual(never had any problems) this update fails with the message:
"an installation package for 9.5 cannot be found. Try a valid copy of the installation package “cubase95.msi”
update failed errorcode 1603.

What is this?
I have a legal 9.5.10 already. But upgraded from 9, so no complete version of 9.5

Does someone know a solution for this problem?


9.5 is a completely separate program to 9, this is not the issue.

Not seen any other reports of anyone updating yet, so too early to comment much…the update was only released today.

Which OS are you on, did you download the correct updater? Have you tried downloading again?
At what point did you get the error message?
Does Cubase 9.5.10 still run?

I am on Windows7-64bits and have Cubase PRO since version 8. From then on I always upgraded to 8.5 , 9 and now 9.5
A couple fo months ago updated to the 9.5.10 version, never any problems before.
I just now downloaded the PRO 9.5.20 version again, but still the same error.

Confirmed. This is happening here too.
@planarchist 9.5.10 still runs fine here.

Is 9.5.20 out? I only see 9.5.10

Yes, 9.5.20 is available from

downloads page.

I’m, not seeing it in Steinberg Download Assistant though.

Hmm, that’s strange, just downloaded the 9.5.20 update to my Windows 7 system and the install went fine and the program launches OK and confirms it is indeed 9.5.20. Doesn’t help you two but it looks like it’s not a universal problem. Shall try the install on my Windows 10 system later.

Good to hear that 9.5.10 is still working for you anyway, Maincat. ca-booter does 9.5.10 still run for you?

I’ve just tried to install it using Windows 7 Compatibility Mode as an Administrator - gave the same error. Strange. Glad it worked for you, but that makes the situation stranger.

They should notify us of an update via email.

The 9.5.20 update installed fine on my end as well.

Got it.
I downloaded the complete 9.5 version on time, just to keep it on my harddrive, never used it but there is the file cubase9.5.msi in those folders.
With this started you can “repair the 9.5 install”, did it in a few seconds.
And now the update 9.5.20 did install correctly and everyting works just fine.

That’s sorted it here too. Thanks a lot for the answer ca-booter! :smiley:

Temp fix. unpack installer and run just the cubase installer. it will now ask for the 9.5msi instead of giving an error and then install. The 9.5 msi is in the original 9.5.0 installer

I strongly recommend running the full Cubase 9.5 installer (~11 GB) again if you get this error. There could be something wrong with your installation.

No not really. It is just that it can’t find the 9.5.0 installer. Which was logical here as I installed from a temp location which I removed.

Installed with no issues here.
Glad to see that the graphic issues with UR28M hardware input channel are sorted.

No issues here.

The original installer location shouldn’t matter, because the files required to update or rollback are moved to a Windows folder. If an updater complains about something being missing, then there’s a good chance that something wasn’t installed perfectly.

well same issue here.

great job steinberg to now force the users downloading the complete 9.5 installer of 11.76GB in size to fix this issue. (with blazing speed of 2.7MB/s)

yawn … disappointed!

CB 9.5.20 installed without issue from the link provided.

Also, I am glad to see that a slight issue I was previously having with saving the position of my mixconsole seems to be corrected too. Nice! :wink:

Regards :sunglasses:

No issues here. Win7Pro64