Cubase 9.5 upgrade + auto fades midi tracks

Hey guys sorry am little dump to figure this out how do we use auto dates on midi tracks on elements 9.5 audio tracks are easy to find but I couldn’t figure out auto fades on idi tracks could someone help me plz ?
Also I saw on line that we et free upgrade to 10 is that true ?if yes do we have to receive a new ilicenser ?
Thank you


There are no Auto fades for MIDI. MIDI is just data.

Yes, you need a new Activation Code for the Cubase LE/AI upgrade to the lates version.

Hi Martin thx for your quick reply as always
how about fade out for the master volume in the end of the song ?
do I request a new activation code then or do I have to buy it ?
Thank you


If you are using Virtual Interments (VSTi), you can automate the Audio Return Channel volume. If you are using hardware synth, use MIDI CC7 to control the Volume (it’s like controlling the Mixer), or use MIDI CC11 to control the Expression (it’s more like controlling the instrument).

Regarding your second question, read Free update to latest Cubase AI Cubase LE version for all registered users article, please. If you didn’t get the email from Steinberg, ask your local dealer/technical support, please.

thank you very much for your assistance